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With Visiting German Movement Dramaturge Michael Schmidt

WORKSHOP   Oct 5-9, 2015   6-10pm

critical performance practice - the process
with German Movement Dramaturge Michael Schmidt

In this 2-part workshop we will focus on the process of how to develop and transform a sociopolitical topic into a critical yet physical, aesthetic and visceral performance piece. In the first three days we will work with specific improvisation and dramaturgy tools, with which critical solo and group performances can be developed with. The last two days are dedicated to mentored co-creation. Participants will decide on the topic and interchangeably be performer, choreographer, and dramaturge.

The results of this process will be shared with the public in a low key setting
Fri Oct 9th at 8pm.

This workshop automatically functions as audition for our performances October 16 & 17th unless you do not want to be considered. 

The space does not have a dance floor. Please, bring shoes, long sleeve movement clothes, knee pads, blanket or yoga mat.

Maximum capacity: 17/week.
students $100
other $150

AUDITION   Oct 6th, 2015   6-10pm     
EARN   $350/week

We are looking for 1 performer with movement and/or theater background to join us for rehearsal process   Oct 11--15th (all day)
performances          Oct 16 & 17th (all day)
The space does not have a dance floor. Please, bring shoes, long sleeve movement clothes, knee pads, blanket or yoga mat.

Maximum capacity: 20/day
audition $20

site specific PERFORMANCES   Oct 16 & 17th, 2015   7:30pm

Everything Tendentious or M in Luck
societal:form:a(c)tion - performance for the future

The TheaterDance Performance by tatraum projekte Schmidt regards the interrelation between utopia, longing and HumanMachine Systems in digital times. It is a co-creation by German Movement Dramaturge Michael Schmidt, French video artist Yoann Trellu, German musician Ansgar Tappert, and German performers Lena Visser, Miriam Gronau, and Tanja London. he SLC edition will feature two local performers.

“The performers explore in partially simple and partially hermetic scenes how much room there is left for the individual in a digital world. Are we becoming digital machines in a Cyber-world? Do we surrogate a human partner with an artificial one? Citations of Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” about the retreat to nature [Hans Christian Dany's critique of cybernetics, and Ted Kaczynski’s invocation to revolt against the industrial system] serve as antithesis. (…) The tatraum production does not give direct answers but offers an aesthetic challenge by inviting to reflect via suggestive movements as well as collected and integrated video material.”
(Thomas Hag, Rheinische Post Nov 2014)

"(…) Tanja London explains in a pretty interesting monologue the findings and research foci of neuro-robotics (robot brain research). She supports her content with gestures and motion. Her monologue is so fluent and convincing that it seems she has studied robot brains herself. (...)"
(Regina Vollmers, Coolibri Nov 2014)

Maximum capacity: 30/evening
student $10
other $15


will take place

210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, UT
most nothern Annex Suite, South of the City Library


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