2018, January - March   ø   PERMADEATH sol[e]menace   ø   invited Artist / Artist in Residency of Justin Watson   ø   Utah Museum of Modern Art,
Salt Lake City, UT/USA
Soft-wired DNA / inherited stress and trauma
Sculpture Audio Tour, Collaboration with Harry Cloud, Paul Roessler, Danny Wang and Susannah Israel   

2017/2018   ø   Collaboration with Climate Music Project, choreographer Daiane Lopes Da Silva [Kinetech Arts] and Composer Richard Festinger   ø  
San Francisco, CA/USA

data development of carbon emissions, amount of human lands and population increase since 1880

2017, March 1-31   ø   Artist in Residency @ The Leonardo   ø   Salt Lake City/UT
cultural impact of military inventions




2016, JULY 5-9   ø   Performance Studies International Conference   ø   Melbourne/Australia
screendance and environmental activism

2015, AUGUST 28 - SEPTEMBER 1   ø   Performance Studies International Conference   ø   Aomori/Japan
"Beyond Contamination" was part of the PSi's Fluid States conference marathon. I was part of the workgroup corporeality and presented a performative research text "Save your own skin: Is terror a kind of contamination?", which is the foundation of a new solo work.
Video Documentary of the Conference

2014, JULY 4-11   ø   Performance Studies International Conference   ø   Shanghai Theater Academy/China
As part of the roundtable 'Corporeal Nationalisms: Performance in Service of the State' co-curated by Emily Wilcox and Dr. Katherine Mezur I presented "Artistic Success in the Third Reich – Conviction, Political Naiveté, Compromise or Calculation?" discussing the sociopolitical and artistic circumstances of Laban's work and philosophy.

2011 - 2013   ø   MFA University of Utah   ø   Salt Lake City/UT
Cutaneous sensory system, haptic perception, somatic aspects of the peripheral and central nervous system, artificial skin, biomaterials and bionics,
Integration of theoretical and studio research

2000-2001   ø   London Contemporary Dance School/The Place   ø   London/UK
Inherited guilt
Integration of theoretical and studio research

1995-1996   ø   Berufsakademie/Sozialwesen [Vocational Academy/Social Work]   ø   Stuttgart/Germany
Qualitative investigation of life circumstances of refugee families and their children from former Yugoslavia (especially Kosovo) in Germany