asks what the actual capital of a democratic society is and if capitalism is the premise for democracy. These performative explorations and experiments for a social form in development were developed for the 2016 theater dance production “Salon de la Démocratie or Capital and … “ by tatraum projekte schmidt from Düsseldorf/Germany. 

Michael Schmidt
Tanja London & Cornelius Schaper
Miriam Gronau, Lena Visser, Rolf Schulz, Nona Munnix & Micha Purucker
Tanja London
Ansgar Tappert & Tanja London
7:43 min
Ministry of Culture of the Federal State Capitol Düsseldorf, Germany
Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

12 Min Max, City Library, Salt Lake City/USA
Utah Dance Film Festival, Orem/USA

concept & dramaturgy
direction & camera
performer & movement development
edit & post-production

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