solo sketch #1 

This movement dialogue investigates the cultural impact of 'man-made things' - in particular the prototype of a bullet proof skin.
Live performance with excursions into Peter Sloterdijk’s poetic philosophy on the justification of the artificial, colonialism, globalization, cybernetics, Claudia Benthien’s critical, cultural analysis of the perception of the skin, bio-art, bio- and military technology.


choreography and text


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Tanja London
Peter Sloterdijk, Claudia Benthien, Jalila Essaïdi, DARPA, CNN Newsroom, Randy Lewis, Jörg Auf dem Havel, Bridget Heos, Nadine Boke, Oron Catts, Chemical Heritage Foundation, William Safire, Thomas X. Hammes, Erica R. Valdes, Abdoel El Ghalbzouri, Joel Lindsey, Joost Ramaer, Suzanne Sleenhoff, Tony Tether
Aaron London, Carloss Chamberlin, Dr. Katherine Mezur
30 minutes
2016   ø   Performática - Puebla, Cholula/Mexico
            ø   Dance House - Melbourne/Australia

photos by Victor Blanco

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